How To Make Money With Seo: The Complete Guide

How To Make Money With SEO: The Complete Guide

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like a soul of modern digital marketing and a valuable skill for generating money online.

Can you become a billionaire using SEO? It is dependent on your skills and ability to scale. The basic answer is that SEO could be an excellent way to make a decent career, and the sky’s the limit if you can build an SEO firm.

Several methods exist to generate money online, from developing an e-commerce website to creating a blog to advertise products and services. Yet none of this will be effective unless you can attract visitors to your website. This is where SEO may be most useful.

In this blog, we will guide you basics of SEO, how to earn with it, and the learning method you can use. 

Understanding SEO

In the most basic terms, strong SEO improves your internet presence. This implies that as more people visit your website, your internet traffic grows, and you have a higher opportunity to provide your product or service to more individuals. Let’s take a look at why SEO is so essential.

Google search results are shown on an endless scroll, meaning fresh results appear as you scroll down. While your results may appear on the first page (even if they are the 100th result), the number of clicks and impressions a webpage receives drops significantly after the first 5-10 links. How frequently do you scroll down to the tenth or twentieth result in a Google search? For the majority of the cases, you won’t have to since the first few alternatives at the top—below the ads, of course—contain the information you sought in your search query.

Don’t you want to be at the top of the page if prospective consumer types in a topic related to what your company can provide? If you aren’t, another company has won a new customer, or you have lost one.

This is why SEO is important for you: SEO empowers you to be the go-to person for potential consumers’ inquiries. SEO contributes to your ability to speak with authority in your industry and increase exposure and traffic. Brand authority leads to brand trust, which leads to brand loyalty.

How can you earn with SEO?

Before diving into this, let’s address how much you can make after learning SEO. 

Most SEO specialists can expect to make between $113,618 and $131,590 as of September 2021.

Various criteria influence salaries, including schooling, credentials, job experience, and supplementary talents. While the effort required to get the attractive body you see above is unquestionably worthwhile, it does take some expertise to get there.

Having stated that, let’s explore how you can earn from SEO.

1. Join an SEO company

Working for an SEO firm will allow you to develop technical expertise, such as website analytics and managerial experience, through creating presentations and customer pitches.

You also receive the possibility to advance professionally inside the firm, pick up new skills from colleagues, have job security and a reliable source of income, deal with various clients, and other prospects for advancement within the business.

Some drawbacks include the inability to select clients and brands to work with and the requirement to work from 9-5 without much flexibility.

2. Make a website and sell things

A recent global analysis by Bright Edge found that 40% of e-commerce websites’ income came from organic searches. If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, you can use it to build an eCommerce site.

  • Decide on your niche and the product you’ll sell before doing anything else. You must research keywords and audiences to determine the search terms your potential consumers will likely use to locate this specific product.
  • Do the high/low analysis to find the right product. For example, find a low-cost, tech, and competitive product for your site or a product with high demand, passion, and potential.
  • Do a thorough analysis of your SEO competitors before deciding; this is the only way to find what it will cost to achieve top rankings for your desired keywords.

E-commerce sites provide you with complete control over your branding and messaging. Furthermore, the e-commerce business is increasing, making it a profitable investment alternative. Of course, it is also a good source of revenue.

But, there is an element of uncertainty since you may have problems finding buyers for your goods, and dealing with vendors is time-consuming and stressful.

3. Dropshipping other people’s things on your website

If maintaining an e-commerce website sounds like too much effort, drop shipping could be for you.

With drop-shipping, a customer purchases from your website. Following that, you tell your drop shipper the order details. The drop shipper gives you an invoice for the product sold once they get the order details. You don’t have to deal with the burden of maintaining inventory or worrying about shipping because the drop shipper ships the goods to the buyer.

This strategy is effective because it enables anybody to launch an online store and concentrate on marketing and growth rather than stressing product pre-orders and delivery.

Employing proper SEO-friendly content is crucial, depending on the items you intend to offer through your website. For instance, if your specialty is “art sketches,” add all the necessary keywords (three to four search terms), so your target audience can easily reach your website.

To make the product stand out, write creative and original product descriptions instead of duplicating the same information from the manufacturer’s website. You should also include relevant keywords and write in a particular tone and style that your target audience is familiar with.

Nevertheless, there are some problems to watch out such as lack of control because production and delivery are handled by a third-party vendor, intense competition, a lack of supply-chain control, and the possibility of facing legal responsibility difficulties.

4. Start monetizing from a blog

It’s possible to create a blog that receives a lot of traffic if you have skills in SEO. A sort of advertising is necessary for almost all types of blog monetization because advertising models are only effective for blogs with large traffic.

There are several methods to make money from a blog:

  • Ads from the Google Display Network on your website
  • individual banner advertisements
  • Sponsored Content Packages for advertising (email blasts, social posts, etc.)

Sponsored advertisements enable you to be compensated based on the volume of visitors and clicks on your site, whereas sponsored content is writing about a product or service on your blog.

You can select your blog’s niche, whether technology, beauty, fashion, or travel. You get to include your brand in the material while growing an online community of people who share your interests. Also, it offers flexibility because you may select the hours you work and has a lot of room for creative experimentation with different kinds of material.

Establishing a blog takes a lot of work, and it could be challenging to consistently provide engaging, timely, and evergreen material. Also, you can encounter technical problems that require assistance to fix.


5. Give SEO consulting services

Last but not least, you could offer SEO services. You can assist customers in achieving their company objectives by increasing website traffic and raising revenue. 

To boost their businesses’ SEO rankings and generate organic traffic, SEO consultants offer their clients insightful search information. They assist clients with various tasks, including keyword research, website audits, technical SEO, and creating powerful SEO plans that can be used across several platforms.

Moreover, SEO consultants do competition SEO analysis and give comprehensive strategies on how to use the information, whether it relates to their content strategy, link-building tactics, or specific keywords that they are employing. An SEO consultant is also skilled at adapting plans to new SEO developments and Google algorithm changes.

Despite how frightening it may sound, this can be a really rewarding and pleasurable profession, especially for someone with significant SEO agency expertise.

The benefits of SEO consulting include the chance to work with new clients, the freedom to choose the customers and brands you want to work with, and the chance to develop and build your consulting business.

The stress of managing clients, the challenge of obtaining fresh leads and clients, and the need for substantial experience are all drawbacks of SEO consulting.

Where to Start?

Where do you begin when there are so many options? In our opinion, keep networking and be on the lookout for fresh chances. The appeal of many of these tactics is that you may use your SEO expertise to complement other interests, such as public speaking, hobbies, or certain product niches. Your content or product will improve when you genuinely care about what you’re doing.

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