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Pakistan’s e-commerce market is only now starting to take off. It’s time for Pakistani youngsters to pursue this highly rewarding job. Many local enterprises are shifting to the digital market, and many multinational companies want to outsource their digital marketing needs. That is why Learners Edge brings digital marketing courses to all potential candidates in Pakistan.

Why is digital marketing important?

The vast majority of us are aware of the massive shift from conventional mass media advertising to digital advertising. Unfortunately, few of us are aware that there have been some significant adjustments within the digital advertising industry.

Every company that has or wants to build a strong online presence is looking for digital marketing experts and skilled professionals who are proficient in the digital marketing domain, with the aim of growing their business. This has led to digital web development jobs taking the hot seat when it comes to career opportunities and positions as a Digital Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketing and Branding Professional, Social Media Specialist, Social Media Strategist, and SEO Master.

According to a study, 500% more employment will be available for digital workers in the next five years than for any other field. Now is the time to make the correct choice!

What can you learn from this course?

Through integrated marketing communication, this course aims to provide learners with a deeper grasp of the development of a digital marketing campaign and the role that various digital channels play in attaining that objective. It begins by laying the groundwork for digital marketing strategy and aids learners in mastering a collection of ideas and resources for creating, distributing, and promoting goods and services online.

This course is for you if you are a company owner, freelancer, job seeker, working professional, student, or homemaker. Whether you own a smartphone or a computer, you are probably familiar with and use the internet. It only makes sense that you also learn how to promote yourself or your business on the internet and start generating money. If that seems like a good idea, this course will help you understand digital marketing and how you can start as a novice and become an expert at digital marketing, earning money online, or growing your business.

Why LearnersEdge?

Digital marketing is an extremely demanding subject that requires a great deal of attention to both study and teaching. We have numerous big names in town that claim to provide digital marketing training, but they leave out several important aspects of the subject.

This, however, is not the case at LearnersEdge. Being a professional online training institute, we provide a variety of short and thorough courses that cover all elements of digital marketing, from social media to mobile, eCommerce to search marketing, and strategy to analytics. Additionally, we have recognized teachers at LearnersEdge who teach digital marketing courses to their students with a whole new degree of passion. Most of the students have already established a standard in the area; you could become the next one.