6 Tech Skills That Are In High Demand In 2023

6 Tech Skills That Are In High Demand In 2023

With the advancement in today’s world, careers are evolving to the point where it has been estimated that 85% of the occupations that college graduates will have in 2030 have not yet been created.

This indicates that skills will also require adjustment. AI, machine learning, and virtual reality will play a significant role as AI-powered robots become increasingly capable of doing tasks requiring thought and intellect.

So where does this leaves us? Don’t worry; we’ll concentrate on professions requiring strategy, creativity, or emotional intelligence—tasks that robots can’t perform as effectively as people can (yet).

In 2023, it is important to build skills that include improving our abilities with smart tools and software while applying the “human touch” where it is needed. Therefore, whether you want to develop professionally, get better-paying work, or maintain performance at your existing position, these are the hard and soft skills you should start mastering this year.

Skill 01: Artificial Intelligence tech skills

Artificial intelligence (AI) and ML (machine learning) have become a part of our daily lives, whether chatting with a human-like chatbot online or asking Alexa to play our favorite music. As more firms try to implement these technologies, worldwide investment in AI technology is expected to exceed $500 billion by 2023, implying a rise in the need for ML and AI specialists.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is computer software that can learn from surroundings, interpret data, and make decisions based on this knowledge. In comparison, ML is a subset of AI. It allows computers to gain knowledge without being explicitly taught.

Employers want personnel with the ability to design and manage AI systems since AI is being integrated into almost every aspect of the business. 

Skills you can learn:

      • Programming languages such as Python and Java

      • Statistical analysis and linear algebra

      • Signal processing methods

      • TensorFlow and R code authoring

    With no indication of slowing, improving your skill set and learning more about ML and AI might be wise in 2023!

    Jobs related to these skills

        • Machine Learning Engineer

        • AI Research Scientist

        • Data Scientist

        • Computer Vision Engineer

        • AI Product Manager

        • Deep Learning Engineer

        • Robotics Engineer

        • AI Solutions Architect

        • AI Consultant

      According to Salary survey data taken directly from companies and anonymous employees, the average gross compensation for an artificial intelligence specialist is Rs 2,414,545, or Rs 1,161 per hour in Pakistan. They also receive an average bonus of Rs 104,308. 

      Skill 02: Digital Marketing skills

      We live in an increasingly competitive marketplace, which means that our attention is the most valuable thing we have to offer, and acquiring it is the top goal for brands and enterprises. Digital Marketing means capturing clients’ attention and keeping your products and services at the forefront of their minds by combining the power of numerous technology solutions. Digital Marketing requires various digital talents ranging from technical to creative, including paid social media advertising, SEO, email marketing funnels, influencer-led campaigns, and cutting-edge channels such as metaverse and augmented reality (AR).

      Competent marketers can specialize in one or many of these areas, and as long as they can utilize their area of expertise to move the needle on whatever KPIs are important to their firm, they won’t be out of work in 2023. 

      Skills you can learn:

          • Meta/Facebook Ads

          • SEO and SMM

          • Email marketing

          • 3D animation and modeling 

          • Extended reality

          • Video Marketing

          • Content writing or copywriting

        Jobs related to these skills

            • Digital Marketing Manager

            • Paid Media Specialist

            • Influencer Marketing Manager

            • Digital Analytics Manager

            • Email Marketing Specialist

            • E-Commerce Marketing Manager

            • Content Marketing Manager

            • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist

          An average person with digital marketing skills can earn between 56,400 PKR per month (minimum salary) to 230,000 PKR per month (maximum salary). However, it all depends on our education, experience, and hard work. 

          Skill 03: Data Analytics and Storytelling skills

          As we approach 2023, data analytics and storytelling will increasingly benefit enterprises. This is because, according to a study by Tableau, 70% of occupations will require working directly with data by 2025. This means that every organization will require interpreters, translators, and communicators.

          This skill set is about effectively communicating insights, which means getting them into the hands of the appropriate people at the right time. They must, however, be entertaining, which is where the storytelling part comes in. Competent data storytellers can see and convey the data narrative. This may involve describing where the insights originate from, why they are valuable to the firm, and how best to put them to work.

          Data communication includes visualizing data with technologies like Power BI, Tableau, and others to communicate insights and data-driven choices.

          As a result, those who can convey and generate stories from data will become increasingly valued as data becomes more fundamental to the strategies of more firms.

          Skills you can learn

              • Data collection and preparation

              • Data visualization, analysis, and storytelling

              • Tools such as PowerBI, Qlik, and Tableau.

            Jobs related to these skills

                • Data Analyst

                • Business Intelligence Analyst

                • Data Visualization Designer

                • Data Scientist

                • Customer Analytics Manager

                • Data Product Manager

                • Data Engineer

                • Marketing Analytics Manager

                • Sales Analytics Manager

                • Communication Specialist

              The average yearly salary for a Data analyst and Storyteller in the United States is $84,253 as of March 4, 2023. In Pakistan, the estimated overall pay is PKR 153,500 per month, with median earnings of PKR 65,000 per month.

              Skill 04: UX (User experience) Design

              With the pace of digital transformation, technology has become like oxygen for us, regardless of who we are or what we do. As a result, it is critical that technology is accessible to everybody and is developed with the user in mind.

              UX Designers are in charge of making technology more user-friendly, whether changing font size and style to better a mobile banking app, categorizing article topics to help people discover what they’re searching for on a blog, or adding a favorites option to an e-commerce store. Without UX Designers, technology would be harder to use and less likely to be purchased. In fact, every dollar invested in UX design generates a $100 return on average, making it a no-brainer for many firms.

              Doing market and audience research, generating user personas, drawing wireframes, and testing are some of the abilities necessary for a UX Designer. Although coding skills are not required for the position, a thorough grasp of programming languages may offer you an advantage in the job market!

              Skills you can learn:

                  • Prototyping, user flows, and wireframing

                  • Agile

                  • Visual design and design software

                  • Application Development

                  • Information Architecture.

                Jobs related to these skills

                    • UX Designer

                    • UX Researcher

                    • User Researcher

                    • UX Writer

                    • Interaction Designer

                    • UX Strategist

                    • UX Project Manager

                    • UX Evangelist

                    • Information Architect

                    • UX Tester

                  The average UX designer’s gross income in Pakistan is Rs 2,151,009, or Rs 1,034 per hour. They also receive an average bonus of Rs 78,082. The average income for an entry-level UX designer (1-3 years of experience) is Rs 1,556,767. On the other hand, a senior-level UX designer (with 8+ years of experience receives an average income of Rs 2,704,327.

                  Skill 05: Cybersecurity

                  Due to the surge in remote working that began during the Covid-19 outbreak and is expected to continue through 2023, cyber security is critical for all businesses. 

                  Every employee will be required to take ownership of the security of the data they are entrusted with and the development of resilience in their area of operations, which means that it will no longer be a duty just for IT departments. This does not, however, imply that the specialist cyber security agent will disappear; on the contrary, it is anticipated that cybersecurity employment is expected to increase 31% through 2029, seven times faster than the average job growth.

                  This indicates that for 2023 and beyond, cyber security knowledge will be among the most in-demand, regardless of whether you want to follow it as a career path or simply add it to your CV to increase your marketability in whatever capacity you already hold.

                  Cyber security experts use AI to anticipate and prevent DDOS and hacker attempts while also adopting the psychological strategy required to protect against less complex approaches based on social engineering. This talent will be appealing and a good match for the future workforce.

                  Skills you can learn:

                      • Networking and System Administration

                      • Knowledge of Operating Systems and Virtual Machines

                      • Network Security Control

                      • Cloud Security

                      • Risk analysis

                      • Coding

                      • Internet of Things (IoT) Attacks.

                    Jobs related to these skills

                        • Cybersecurity Analyst

                        • Penetration Tester

                        • Cybersecurity Consultant

                        • Security Engineer

                        • Compliance Manager

                        • Cryptographer

                        • Network Security Engineer

                        • Forensics Investigator

                      In Pakistan, the average gross pay for a cyber security analyst is Rs 2,553,586, or Rs1,228 per hour. The typical compensation for an entry-level cyber security analyst is Rs 1,827,006. The average annual income for a senior-level cyber security analyst is Rs 3,218,382.

                      Skill 06: Cloud Computing skills

                      Cloud computing refers to application software that saves data on physical and virtual servers located across the world and accessible over the internet.

                      Since most businesses, large and small, have migrated to the cloud, there has been a considerable increase in employment in cloud-related industries. Gartner recently predicted that in 2023, spending on cloud services will reach around $500 billion.

                      Organizations must recruit the best cloud specialists familiar with programming languages like SQL and Linux, database administration, AI and ML, and cloud technologies like Amazon, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft to assist this growth.

                      Skills you can learn:

                          • Programming languages such as JAVA, SQL, Python

                          • Expertise with Cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

                          • Security protocols.

                        Jobs related to these skills

                            • Cloud Solutions Architect

                            • Cloud DevOps Engineer

                            • Cloud Network Engineer

                            • Cloud Database Administrator

                            • Cloud Security Engineer

                            • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

                            • Cloud Operations Manager

                            • Cloud Data Engineer

                            • Cloud Product Manager

                          In Pakistan, the average gross income for a cloud solutions architect is Rs 2,812,055, or Rs 1,352 per hour. An entry-level cloud architect (1-3 years of experience) makes Rs 2,067,173 on average. On the other hand, a high-level cloud architect (8+ years of experience) receives an average income of Rs 3,515,066.

                          Ending note

                          You won’t find ordinary abilities on this list of in-demand tech skills for 2023 and beyond. Businesses need digital-savvy people as they become increasingly data-driven in their approaches to customer service, marketing, employee development, and other important activities. Accept these changes now to stay ahead of the competition tomorrow.

                          You can stand out and find a job that suits your interests and expertise by brushing up on your technical abilities, obtaining new certifications, and networking with possible employers with LearnersEdge.